Thursday, April 5, 2007

When Calicut Burns..

My calicut is burning... The oldest trading centre, perhaps in India itself is burning. But what cools my heart is the people of Calicut. When i see the flashing telecasts on the Tv, I see faces I know - big-shot businessmen, shop owners, friends, salesmen; people I know, carrying buckets of water, drenching in the heat helping eachother. What state, what place in India can boast of such people? None.
I see the automen rush in carrying more buckets, and rush out with injured people.
I see workers and coolies rushing into the fire pulling out people and saving the unburned goods.
I see one shop-owner carrying water and sand to help stop fire in someone else's shop while total strangers are stopping fire in his shop.
I see men work along-side the firemen pulling hoses, carrying water, thick blankets and huge blocks of wood. They form a bigger barrier to the fire.
I see dr's and nurses working non-stop.
I'm reminded of the Train Accident in Kadalundi; where all night every house opened it's doors to accept the victims in; where every auto/taxi/van/bus was on the road neatly divided to carry patients, announce for help, carry dr's to the site; where fishermen, boatmen and workers dived into the freezing water bringing up the victims. Not one person in that accident lost one ounce of his Gold, not a penny of his money, not one of his belongings.
Calicut, I salute you. I salute your big heart and I salute it's God men. calicut, I love you.


Reflections said...

There waws a time when i knew u, when i cud read you like a book!

ive read your writings and ur mind!

i loved your words and the passion flowing through them.

Hope those moments of bliss and pleasure, the little joys in my life.

Please keep updating this blog. Never stop.


pp said...

You write well... I have taken the photos of sm street and put on my blog...

Yea, me to was a witness of this. We see the true helping of the calicut people during such occasions.

Narcissus said...

"Woods are lovely, dark and deep
But I have promises
And miles to go before I sleep"

You're gifted with Frostian twist, and PROSE style...

Yours loving friend......

Reshma said...

i had a love-hate relationship with this street. i hated how it was denied to me. and that same thing made me long to walk with its flow and own it. when it burned, i knew i am chained to it forever.

Raiz said...

gooose bumps... i guess that is decent testimony to this blog